Pediatric Dentistry

Nothing is as agonizing to parents as seeing their children throb with pain. Nonetheless, dental emergencies can occur when you least expected. This is the time you need a pediatric dentist to help your kid. At Dental Haven, we deal with all pediatric dental emergencies, which include but not limited to:

Tooth Ache

Children of all ages are susceptible to toothaches. The most important thing to remember is that toothaches rarely occur without a cause. The most common causes we know include tooth decay, tooth fracture, and tooth trauma. If the pain persists, contact us so that we can:

  • Establish the cause of the pain
  • Cleanse the aching tooth
  • Check for impacted particles and remove them using specialized equipment
  • Reduce swelling using our cold compression therapy

Dental Intrusion

Sometimes the tooth (or teeth) of your little one may be pushed into the jawbone following a dental trauma. You need to understand that depending on the force of the trauma, the tooth’s ligament can become damaged thus fracturing the socket. If you suspect a dental instruction, contact us immediately and we shall help in the following ways:

  • Administer pediatrician-approved pain relief
  • Perform a root canal therapy to help preserve the tooth’s structure
  • Advise whether the tooth can descend naturally

Dental Avulsion

Kids love to play and sometimes this exposes them to the risk of accidents that can lead to their teeth knocked out of their mouth completely. If this happens to your kid, treat this as a very serious dental emergency. We might be able to save the tooth through our re-implantation procedure if you do the following:

  • Report to us within one hour after the avulsion
  • Avoid touching the roots during first aid
  • Ensure to keep the tooth wet during transportation

Crown Fracture

If a tooth sustains trauma but gets fractured in the process, you still need to consider it as a pediatric medical emergency. This is because a jagged enamel can inflame and irritate the soft pulp tissues, thus causing an infection. In such situations, we can assist you in the following ways:

  • We’ll x-ray the tooth to assess the severity of the fracture
  • Apply a dental sealant in case of minor fractures
  • Pulp treatment for major fractures

If your little one is suffering a dental emergency, don’t hesitate! Call us at 916-772-6777 or Contact Us immediately so that we can give them the care they deserve.