Hi there, I’m Shelley!

I’m well into midlife and maybe, just like you, I’ve worn a lot of different hats in my lifetime! I worked as a nurse for over 30 years, raised my two children who I’m very proud of, and launched a second career as a blogger and social media strategist in my fifties. For a time, I was also a caregiver to my father and a long-distance caregiver to my mother.

But also, maybe just like you, there was a time in my life where I had no sense of purpose. When I worked as a nurse, I knew what my purpose was. When I stayed home to care for my kids, I knew what my purpose was. And when I cared for my parents, I also knew my purpose… for a little while.

But somewhere in midlife, I lost that. The kids grew up. They didn’t seem to need me much at all. That threw me into a crisis (but that’s a whole other crazy story). My job as a nurse was not fulfilling anymore and I couldn’t figure out what to do next!

If this is your first time visiting, I’d love for you to get to know me better. And I’d love to get to know you. Leave a comment or two on one of my posts or feel free to reach out to me.

Contact information: Shelley@ShelleyWebb.com

Snail mail address:
P.O. Box 3901
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816