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I will take you from starting lineup to star player using gymnastics principles.

You will gain the knowledge to become the ultimate athelete in your sport by learning valuable gymnastics attributes. Take YOUR sport to another level today.

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About The Founder

For over a decade, Dario Resta was a professionally trained competitive gymnast at Crenshaw’s in Austin, TX. He has developed a program based on his years of in-depth training and specialized knowledge of gymnastics principles to train any athlete to become quicker, stronger, and more focused.

He founded Elite Mind Body on the principal that gymnastics is the sport of all sports and is the most valuable tool for any athlete looking to take their performance to the next level.

His clients include a State Champion gymnast, dancers, cheerleaders, and middle/high school athletes. As a coach, trainer and mentor, Dario works with athletes to help them discover and achieve their full potential.